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New Jan Group Supply Service (N.J.G.S.S) is established in 2008 in

Kabul city.

(N.J.G.S.S) is registered in Islamic government of Afghanistan (ministry of commerce),

(N.J.G.S.S) is a logistical supply and service Company that you can be sure we will fulfill

Supply your requirement and we put our costumer first for your service,

(N.J.G.S.S) consisting of construction equipment, industrial vehicle, machine tools and automation system, diesel engines, and defense industry product. We purchase modern stuffs with the best quality from different countries of the world; our main goal is to just provide the things that our costumers want from us, (N.J.G.S.S) is a pure Afghan Company.


(N.J.G.S.S) working policy:

New Jan Group Supply Service (N.J.G.S.S) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit making organization carrying out its activity according to the rules of business.

N.J.G.S.S Mission Statement:

Provide top quality goods and service on time at market competitive price

Knowing that customer satisfaction requires us to understand the customers expectation, at all times.

Accepting the fact that our reputation for honesty, quality and service are the things most important to continued business success,in                                     everything we do we shall always remember that our Customers deserve not less that the best value we can provide today, Tommorow

Our Product Range:

1. Networking Equipment

2. HF radios such as Canada, Motorola, and Kenwood.

3. Medical and relief supplies to include medicine, Blanket, hygiene kits,Food product.

4. Refrigerator, air conditioner, Freezers and heating equipment.

5. Office/drafting equipment.

6. House hold and commercial furnishing and appliance

7. Portable accommodation such as prefab house both skid mounted and

Truck mounted.

8. House hold and office furniture.

9. Electronics

10. Electronically supplies such as sub station, cables tracking and lighting etc.

11. Automobile and spares.

12. Armored vehicle.

13. Vehicles.

14. Heavy machinery supplies and leasing.

15. Travel related services.

16. FG Wilson generator storage tank.

17. Blanket pillows and sheets.

18. Supply of construction appliances.

19. Supply of ready mix concrete.

20. Plumbing instrument and equipment.

21. Lease of construction Equipments.

22. Fuel (Wood, Gas, Oil, Coal and etc).

23. Sanitary Materials.

24. Operation and Maintenance services (O&M).

25. Janitorial materials and Services.

26. Every size and kinds of Water Tanks

27. Providing of Porta-Johns & Porta-Johns Services.

28. Computer To Film Machine.





(NJGSS) customer service representatives are available around the clock to answer your questions and keep you informed. For more information, call 0093700000010 today! Please Contact Us Dont Hesitate!




MOBILE : 0093700000010

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it